Design for Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing (AM) technologies have become integral to modern prototyping and manufacturing. The worksheet I helped develop and implement helps designers (primarily novice and intermittent users) assess the potential quality of a part made using most AM processes and indirectly suggests ways to redesign it. The immediate benefit of the worksheet is to filter out bad designs before they are printed, thus saving time on manufacturing and redesign. The worksheet addresses common mistakes as identified by various expert machinists and additive manufacturing facilities.

evGrand Prix

The battery pack is an integral component to any electric vehicle system as the dictating factor of weight and power distribution. I designed and implemented custom battery packs, utilizing Boston-Power modules, to be used by go-karts in the Purdue University evGrand Prix. Portions of the manufacturing were contracted to a machine shop for expediting. I led teams in the manufacture, assembly, and wiring of the packs. In 3 weeks time, 10 packs were completed and integrated into race ready go-karts for use at the International Intercollegiate evGrand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The winning kart out of 25 teams relied upon one of the innovative battery packs.